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Why hello there! My name is Shelby Junkin and I’m a proud transplant of Nebraska to Texas. Raised on my family ranch, established in 1886, (yes, my great-great grandparents were pioneers, so cool!) I’ve cultivated a chaotic life filled with the western heritage, crafting, gardening, candlemaking, entrepreneurship, and most recently, blogging. My life is kind of like a color wheel that’s smeared all together. I’ve been encouraged to write a “semi-memoir” by age 30 to document the journey I’ve been so blessed with. Though I can’t make up for 29 years, I thought “Why not start the memoir at 30 and continue it until…?”

Growing up in a small farming/ranching community taught me so many life lessons and the work ethic that prepared me for the real world I was about to enter. I rodeoed heavily throughout high school and graduated from UNL Independent Study High School. Though it seemed like there were endless speed bumps, I had many successes. Winning a State Title and learning how truly special the bond between horse and human is were highlights. I purchased my professional card at 18 and continued hauling down the road with my equine partner. All the while I was taking a full load of online college classes pursing a marketing degree.

During this time, my sweet mom and I were also making a move to live part time in good ol’ Texas. So, imagine living in a living quarters horse trailer while hauling to rodeos, coming “home” to Texas to house construction (oh, we’re living in the trailer here too), and then taking one marketing class and starting your own business (still living in the trailer) – and that’s just what I did.

The Ragged DIamond was born and I have been making brides’ dreams come true for nearly 10 years now. What started out as custom headbands has turned into incredible creation and fabrication of luxury bridal accessory collections; all hand-tailored to fit each bride’s expectations. And because that wasn’t enough, I fell in love with “clean living” and candle pouring. With a nice little tap on the bee-hind from my husband, I was catapulted into The Gift Gala Shop. This is the workshop my girls (employees) and I refer to as “the safe place”. I now spend every spare minute formulating clean home fragrances & skin care items or designing custom labels for our gift baskets and favors.

Somewhere above, insert “green thumb obsession”, greenhouse building, marriage, and zen mind set and that pretty much rounds out who I am. And by the mere fact you’re still here reading tells me we are going to be great pals.

The one word that guides my life, my mantra, if you will:


This platform is going to cover all of my thoughts and findings thus far in my journey. I’ll also be sharing tried and true DIY projects, candle pouring classes, cleaner living habits, gardening tips and positive mindset teachings. 

I cannot wait to continue my journey with you! My main hope while you’re here is you will realize your worth, ability and creativity. And if nothing else I hope you leave my site with peace and joy.